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Batwing fairing for Yamaha xv1900

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Batwing fairing handmade from extra strong fiberglass materials, pre-prepared for painting. The outer side of the fairing is an exact copy of the Batwing fairing Deluxe xv1900, the inner side allows you to install an android 2din radio and speakers up to 8 inches. The kit comes with a standard windshield and brackets that are compatible with OEM brackets STR-2C503-40-00.

Production time is 4-5 weeks 

Included:1.  Batwing fairing for painting, 2. Windshield, 3. Mounting brackets.

For additional price we also can:


Paint your fairing black color (color code) 0903 black metallic x(smx)

If you want us to paint your bag one tone click here


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